Yummy Breast Milk For Lover


Breast milk isn’t just for mothers. Lots of guys wish their lovers were expressing milk all the time, even ones that have never had babies before and aren’t nursing at all. I’ve never breastfed, so have never had occasion to taste test my own milk to see what the appeal is. I doubt it’s even so much that it tastes like manna from the heavens, more the symbolic idea of what it is. Nourishment from their woman they would like to partake of.

So many men have looked forward to when their women get pregnant and afterwards if they have a breast fetish, since the breasts grow a lot in size during this period. One man mentioned for a guy with a breast fetish, it’s absolute heaven. A girlfriend I had in school had bigger breasts and was frequently stared at by guys and she never got the appeal and just said they were lumps of flesh and she didn’t get why all the fuss. She never had pretty bras, they were all plain looking suits of armor looking utilitarian types and she said they got in the way a lot. Men don’t get it.

They want the fantasy of the forever bouncy, jiggly and apparently nursing lover, for them to suckle from and be their sweet boy. Not all are into the mommy thing, but sometimes it goes down that road certainly for ones that like to think about being nursed by their lover. Not all women have sensitive breasts, so to get a guy that they are the all and end all for us is a bit mystifying for sure.

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