Take My Ass, Mistress

Lots of men love the idea of getting fucked with a strap on. They are not gay mind you as some might think, they just are fans of anal stimulation and usually prostate stimulation, which can result from getting fucked with a strap on.

I talk to guys every single day that are into getting pegged by a gal wearing one. Either on all fours, or on their back with their legs in the air. That position actually lends itself to more intimate contact, since I can play with their cock and balls in that position more easily and have eye contact as well.

Ones that are more submissive seem to prefer strap ons over just having dildos used on them. I find many guys like the toys, but don’t want to feel submissive and have a woman fuck and penetrate them in that manner. Seems to be a fine mental line for some of them. Their fragile male egos and all…..

A woman in a strap on can be a powerful image to these men. A woman to turn the tables on them, turn them into a bitch. Ones that do have bi leanings, often liked to be fucked with a strap on and made to suck on another guys cock at the same time. Turned into a cum guzzling bitch boy.

“Oh take me, Mistress!” They cry out in heated anticipation of getting their man pussies pounded by a big strap on. Some very powerful men turn into little bitches in the boudoir, believe me.

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