Turning Tricks Again

I did something recently I haven’t done in years, I did a bit of escorting again for money. I had been doing ok, but recently had some large bills come up I simply could not cover, so I called some old clients up and let them know I was available once more if they wanted to see me. Several were thrilled to be able to book an appointment with me once more. It honestly felt like no time had passed, it had been a few years, but it was pretty easy to go back into that mindset. I made what I needed within a couple of weeks of bookings.

The one client in particular was glad to hear from me and I was glad to hear back from him when I’d left him a message. He had always been my favorite client, I would have fucked him for free he was so hot. He was terrific in bed and always made me really cum. I loved sucking his hard shaft and riding his cock up and down, no one ever made me feel like he did that wasn’t a real boyfriend, it was truly a pleasure doing business with him.

He saw me a few times during those couple of weeks and I looked forward to each and every time we met. I may continue to see him and him alone even though I won’t need the money, but I can let him think that I do, so I’ll be getting to fuck him and getting the bonus of getting paid as well. It’s always nice when you really enjoy your clients, most you don’t, most are tolerable, but the rare one is a treat you enjoy as much as they enjoy you. If only they were all like that.

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