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Paying For Sex, Real Sex or Phone Sex

Lots of callers also go to escorts, so they are used to the idea of paying for sex. All men pay for sex in one way or another, you think if you have a wife you aren’t paying for sex? … Continue reading

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Turning Tricks Party Girl

When I was in college I was often desperate for money. I had a heavy workload of classes and just didn’t have time to waste on low paying retail or food service jobs that were long on hours and short … Continue reading

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My Mother The Whore

Many guys have mommy son incest fantasies, that’s a given, it’s one of the most popular calls. A caller this week though, and he claimed it was real which forced me to bite my lip from laughing at the absurdity … Continue reading

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Cum Tea

My client that is obsessed with the celebrity whore house and the Jewess whorehouse, had a different twist on his fantasy last night. He wanted to talk about how the whore’s pussy would be like after 10 men had shot … Continue reading

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We Are All Sick In Our Own Way

Paid for sexual encounters are abhorrent to some and a fact of life to others. Why would a man pay for sex when so many women these days are free about giving it away? One man says he does not … Continue reading

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