Oh My Sexy Feet

For ones not into foot jobs or foot fetish, they really don’t get it, most people’s feet are gross, smelly, ugly and disgusting, but some do have delicate, pretty and sensual feet and they are the kind that guys with a foot fetish fantasize about, and as we are just getting into warmer weather and sandal season, the foot fetish guys out there are looking forward to all the tender tootsies that will be put on display over the coming summer months. Their cocks will be ready at a moments notice if some gal is willing to caress their shaft with their sexy nude bare feet.

My last boyfriend had a real thing about feet and I’ve never had so much attention paid to mine in any relationship I’ve had and I did like it to be honest. I didn’t mind giving him foot jobs, it is more difficult than giving a hand job, since I don’t have the same dexterity in my feet as my hands, but he loves seeing my red painted toenails as I stroke his cock with those toes curled around his hard and dripping shaft. I rub my big toe over the head of his cock and smear the precum around, he loves it and usually blows a huge load on my feet.

I wanted to seduce him with my feet, not difficult to do, so I got a sexy new pair of sandals and had given myself a fresh pedicure the night before, my feet were all moisturized and smooth. He glanced down at them when I minced in the room and his cock was growing in seconds, I could tell from the tent he was pitching in his pants. We went to the bedroom, he removed my new strappy sandals and I was soon working his cock with my feet and he cupped them around his cock and really fucked them until he shot all over them. He said I should buy new shoes more often if this was the result.

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