Cucukolding Fun

My husband has always had a smaller than average cock, so I was used to seeking my pleasure elsewhere, but last week he came to me with an unexpected situation. He said his boss had his eye on me and the only way he’d give my husband the promotion he was aiming for was if I’d agree to sleep with his boss, and he didn’t know if this would be an issue, since the boss also happened to be black. I’d never had a big, black cock before, but was curious, so I knew for the sake of our finances, I’d have to go through with it.

The promotion was well worth it, I could find lots of ways to spend that extra money, so I said sure, tell him to come over tonight and I will fuck him. I’d never seen so large of a cock before, but I knew I had to do it, so I walked into the bedroom and bent over for the big, black boss, and I swear that cock must have been nearly eleven inches long. I braced myself and had him use a lot of lube. My hubby sat on the sidelines and watched his boss fuck me. The boss didn’t really like him, but knew he was the most qualified for the job, so the fact that him fucking me was also going to humiliate my tiny dicked hubby was a real bonus to the boss, I’m sure.

I took it, inch by inch and was able to, just barely. He really gave my cunt a good pounding and I was sore for days afterwards it was so big, but hubby got the raise and promotion, and his boss had gotten to humiliate him in fucking his wife, so they both got what they wanted. I knew I’d have extra money to work with, so we all benefited.

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