Against Your Will

Some guys have the rape fantasy where they want to think of taking a woman against their will. One of my more, how shall I put it, “colorful” phone partners spoke once during a call about raping me, I was very upset and said that could never be spoken of again.

They often say rape is not an act of sex, it’s an act of violence and power. So many military regimes have used rape as an act of war on the women, children and even men during times of takeovers. To rape and pillage goes together.

I don’t know why a man would want to force himself on someone. If that’s the only way you can have someone, that’s pretty sad, yet they do and fantasize about it even more.

They say some women have rape fantasies, since by relinquishing control, they are thereby allowing themselves pleasure they may feel should be denied a “good girl”. A “good girl” doesn’t want sex just for the pleasure of sex, nice girls don’t do that. Nice girls don’t want that. But if someone takes them by force, well, they aren’t to blame now, are they?

It’s pretty sad that a girl can only give herself permission to enjoy sex if it’s thrust upon her against her will. It’s sadder to me that a woman would have a rape fantasy than a man. I can understand a man being frustrated at a woman declining his advances, and how he thinks heĀ is going to have her no matter what. Obviously wrong to act on it, but I understand the frustration making one think things, but for a woman, just sad.

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