Backdoor Lovin’

Over 25% of heterosexual couples have tried anal sex, it’s a turn on for many people. It can make you avoid pregnancy yes, yet it carries with it the highest chance of disease of any sexual activity since the tissues and membranes are very thin and fragile and susceptible to tearing and injury. Lubrication is also non existent and much is needed to be applied. Many men prefer it since it is much tighter than the vagina, yet it is painful for many.

Laws and religions have long gone after and tried to prosecute sodomite’s. It seems crazy to try and prosecute what grown people do in their bedrooms consensually, yet religions love to have total control over ones thoughts and actions and create guilt where there should be none, seems it’s their job to make others feel bad about themselves and feel like shamed children. Pretty pitiful ones buy into such fairy tales and tripe.

If ones want to try it, as long as both disease free, go right ahead. It’s not for everyone, and even when ones use condoms, since it is so tight, they can sometimes break or slip off, but in the last 30 years more people have tried anal sex than ever before. Many say the prevalence of it in porn has caused it to be much more readily accepted and experimented with, regardless of its risks. If ones see something frequently, it makes it seem more normal and acceptable. It’s been around since the dawn of time and isn’t going anywhere. If you choose to indulge, please be careful and make sure your partner is disease free and use plenty of lube and go slowly at first.

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