Being Naughty at the Gas Station

Recently I was at the gas station filling up when I noticed the cute teenage gas station attendant. He was likely working his way through school and I had a naughty thought. I hadn’t worn any panties that day since it was just too hot out and I wasn’t going to be out for long, so I figured why bother. I filled up the tank and glanced over my shoulder at him to make sure he was looking. Of course he was. I then hiked up my skirt and flashed him my ass while doing a little dance. The boys eyes about popped out of his head, it was hilarious!

I knew he’d likely tell all his friends about the hot chick at the station that flashed him and he’d likely be thinking about it later as he beat off in bed. I’m a naughty lady, I must admit. I’ve done things like this before to young guys, especially if there was no one else around and no way I’d be seen by anyone. It’s kind of funny to me to give them such a pleasant shock and do it for them. They won’t ever forget it.

So many callers have this exhibitionist streak in them as well and have flashed ladies all over the place. It’s always amusing when I get a call from one and he’s flashed a few women. The locations they choose are unusual, and sometimes they even go out of town to avoid seeing anyone they know. I’ve only ever had appreciative smiles, and sometimes a few blushes from the shy guys, but I’ve always found it fun, and to give them a memory like that. You will be someone’s reason to stroke tonight, lol. Guys love looking back on sexual memories of fun things like this, I know, I do things like this to give them to them!

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