Chastity Devices For Men


There are many men that call me that are totally into wearing chastity devices. From days to months. The male chastity devices with padlocks and accessories are of great interest to men that are into tease and denial and some cuckold lovers as well.

They often will call me up and want them to tease them to get them hard, even though they cannot masturbate since their cock is under lock and key. Some even have these accessories to their cock cages, spikes, that if their cock starts to get erect while contained, the spikes will dig in and create pain. It’s bad enough they are denying themselves, but some want pain on top of that.

Some men kept in chastity by their wives or Mistresses are only let out on special occasions and are not allowed to be in possession of the keys, lest they be tempted to masturbate or heaven forbid be intimate with a woman.

A great many men could benefit from being kept in penile lockdown mode. Many men are basically controlled by their erotic desires. How many times have we heard how the little head is thinking rather than the big head? We all have. If one’s penis is kept under lock and key and orgasm is not an option, think how much better they would be having to rechannel that energy that goes into thinking about sex.

Chastity can be a whole new beginning. I doubt men sent to these sex addict clinics are being kept in chastity, yet it makes a lot of sense, even if only long enough to retrain their ways of thinking, but there’s always the danger of them slipping back into old ways of doing things.

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