Cucked With His Boss

Cuckold is one of the most common types of calls we phone sex girls get. This man called today saying his fiance was cuckolding him, not an uncommon statement, though most is just a fantasy and not reality. So the man she chose to cuckold him with is his boss. A man who already belittles him and humiliates him every chance he gets. The fact he’s now fucking his fiance just made things a lot worse. He is also forced to watch them do it. He claimed he took his fiance to an office party and she first met his boss there and it was instant attraction for them both.

So now he is having to watch his boss who he hates and his girlfriend who now also belittles him have sex in front of him a few times a week. Everyone at the office knows and they make fun of him as well. He works at a car dealership and all the salespeople know the boss is fucking their coworker’s woman and they laugh at him, not even behind his back. At a dinner for staff and wives, someone made a joke at his expense and he said even his own fiance laughed at him in front of everyone. He gets no respect whatsoever.

One cannot help but laugh at these men that call with their elaborate fantasies they have all worked out. The chances of them being real are slim to none, but obviously they make them happy on some level to go to the trouble of fleshing them all out like this and wanting to share them with someone. Summer is coming, maybe a company picnic will hold even more humiliation for him with the boss and fiance acting out in public for him to be a bigger laughingstock than he already is.

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