Dearly Departed


So I get an email from a potential client asking if I’m available for a necrophilia call. Um, NOOOOO. I don’t have many taboos, but the deceased I’m afraid, is one of them. I recall reading about how ones into this fetish are often lonely, rejected individuals who haven’t had luck with intimate relationships. They figure the dead can’t leave them like the living always seem to.

Well, I get that, but is that a reason to defile a dead body, since no living person will have you? Gee, might an escort not be a better alternative??? There are very odd people in society, all different from each other. There have been cases of animals mating with other dead animals, but it doesn’t seem to be common. Most people really find this an ultimate taboo. In the past in some cultures it was not unheard of if a spouse passed away for the one living to have a goodbye intimate moment with them, but it wasn’t common by any means, but there is record of it happening. As well as sometimes when a young girl that was still a virgin when she died, she was “married” and then had sex with before burying, since they believed her soul wouldn’t rest without. Yikes!

Some even roleplay dead partners for their lovers, by “playing dead” and not moving, letting their partner move them around. As if they are dead or unconscious. I guess people have different interests for sure, I’d be quite worried if someone ever asked for this I was involved with!

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