Getting Close With My Friend

When I was in college the girl I shared my room with asked me if I ever played with girls. I was a bit shocked, and said no. She said I didn’t know what I was missing and she offered to show me. She convinced me to first begin masturbating in same room together, and I never even thought I’d something like that, but it was hot. Then things progressed from there. Within a month or so she asked me to try scissoring with her. I did not know how that would go. I’d seen it in porn, but didn’t know if I’d be able to get off to it.

I was able to after a bit of practice. If you’ve ever humped anything, or rubbed yourself against anything to cum, you can cum from scissoring. She then had us insert a double dildo as we did it for a whole new sensation and I liked it a lot. We were really bumping into one another and grinding. Our wet cunt lips were kissing one another and making these smacking sounds, it was kind of funny but did feel good. My clit was stiff, but it’s a tiny little one. Hers was larger and once I got positioned correctly, I was able to rub up against it like a tiny cock.

The double dildo was penetrating us both and I knew she was as aroused as I was. We did everything together. The other people in the dorm had no idea the sorts of things we did behind the closed door. We made one anther cum more nights than we didn’t. Callers love to hear about all kinds of naughty experiences like this when they call. It really gets their cocks hard to masturbate and hear about my past lesbian experiences.

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