A Spanking Between Friends

This friend of my father’s was going away on vacation and asked if I’d stop by his house a couple of times a day to feed and walk his dog, bring in the mail, turn on the lights, etc. He didn’t know what I did for work, he just knew I worked from home and had the freedom to do something like this and he was willing to pay me to do so, so I agreed. It was a bit of extra money for not much effort. I was at his home and just about to go when my phone rang and it was a business call, so I had to get the client off before continuing on home.

I didn’t hear the door behind me and he heard me talking all dirty and then when I finished the call and got up to leave, he was standing there, looking so shocked. He’d come home a day early and had heard me. He quickly put the pieces together and I laughed at it when he asked and I admitted yes, I did this for a job. He had money and he was always generous with it. He then asked if he could spank me. He was willing to pay me. He’d never have asked if he hadn’t heard me talk like I did. I said I wasn’t an escort, just phone. He said he understood and just wanted to spank me.

I agreed, since the bonus he said he’d give me was well worth a few swats on the rear. He sat on the sofa and told me to get over his knee. I did so. He pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and gave me a dozen good, hard smacks on the ass and they really stung. He apologized for hitting me so hard, but he placed a wad of cash on the coffee table in front of me and it more than made up for it. It was kind of an odd experience, and he said if I was willing he’d like to spank me again for money. I said I’d need to think about it, but it was easy money, so yes, it was going to happen. He just didn’t know that yet.

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