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What The Uncle Saw

One of my callers was telling me his niece came to stay with him for a few weeks and she is in her teens and he hadn’t seen her in a few years and he was quite shocked how grown … Continue reading

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I Cucked Him

I married an older man, he’s older by nearly thirty years. When I got married I was young, so he was still fairly vital and active. He’s slowed down a lot though and that leaves me wanting in the sex … Continue reading

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Sex Lessons

One of my favorite callers had a very sexy scenario for a call I liked very much. He wanted to be the teacher to a young teenage girl and give her sex lessons. With her parents permission, and all consensual … Continue reading

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A Spanking Between Friends

This friend of my father’s was going away on vacation and asked if I’d stop by his house a couple of times a day to feed and walk his dog, bring in the mail, turn on the lights, etc. He … Continue reading

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My Boyfriend’s Dad

Lots of women have cheated on their boyfriend’s, but I took things one step further than that even. The man I cheated on him with is his own father. It would be a very hurtful situation if it ever got … Continue reading

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