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My Boyfriend’s Dad

Lots of women have cheated on their boyfriend’s, but I took things one step further than that even. The man I cheated on him with is his own father. It would be a very hurtful situation if it ever got … Continue reading

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Friend of the Family

Years ago I had a relationship with an older man that was a Master to me. He could sense when we met I was open to being submissive, which I was, and he showed me how a relationship between a … Continue reading

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Earning Extra

When I was in college, funds were really tight, my folks did not have a lot of money, so I had to work my way through school myself. I had a heavy course load and was too tired to flip … Continue reading

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Friend Of The Family

When I was younger, my father had several friends that always came around to visit, this one in particular I liked a lot, and he was always very generous with me, giving me very nice birthday and Christmas and graduation … Continue reading

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Dirty Old Sugar Daddy

When I was in college, I had to work my way through school, I had no one to help me and not long after I started, I met this older, well off man that wanted to help me with my … Continue reading

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