The Boyfriend’s Bad Boy Brother

I normally am a very good and faithful girlfriend. However things recently took a bit of a naughty turn. I met my boyfriend’s brother for the first time when he came to stay with us while he was in town for a work seminar for a week. I’d seen his picture and thought he was handsome, but so was my boyfriend. When we met he was very flirtatious and sexy, and I felt an immediate attraction to him. I could tell the feeling was mutual, since he came on to me every time his brother was out of the room.

When my boyfriend got called into work for an unexpected shift, I had a feeling this meant trouble, and it did. He wasn’t out the door five minutes before his brother was making advances towards me. I was so attracted to him, I didn’t have the willpower to stop him. His cock was even bigger than my boyfriend’s was, and he was aggressive in a way my boyfriend wasn’t. It was a heady combination, and against my better judgment, I gave in and let him seduce me and have his way with me. He was not gentle, and it turned me on the way he handled me.

He treated me like a slut and it really got my juices flowing, I was soaking wet when he told me to get on the floor and suck his cock like a good little girl. I did as I was told, and licked it and sucked it and took as much as I could down my throat. I was then pulled up and carried to the bed, my boyfriend’s bed. He placed my feet on his shoulders and rammed his cock into me, really giving me a good pounding. I was filled with several loads of his cum. I came so hard I was screaming like a slut and loving every minute of it. By the time my poor boyfriend came him, we’d fucked three times and showered and I’d changed the bed. He will never hear about it from me.

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