When a Celebrity Calls


Some have asked if a celebrity has ever called. Well, a few low level ones yes, but of course we are bound by confidentiality like a psychiatrist is to her patients. No one would call us if we went around telling about who calls. It amazes me that so many are impressed and starstruck by celebrity. Yes, these people might have jobs that put them in the spotlight, but they are still people and still have many deviant desires. It honestly shocks me that anyone that is in the slightest bit well known wouldn’t use a pre paid card and just go by John Smith, but you’d be surprised at the lack of concern the ones I’ve spoken to have had.

One I’ve spoken to before recently called back and had taken a much darker turn, his website easily found online, and having acted even with someone on a daily soap opera I watch, though he himself is not a soap actor. I was so horrified at the things he said he wished to speak about, I blocked him from calling me back. He said he would pay double the normal rate even, since he knew it was very extreme what he wanted. Sorry, I have some limits and he went way beyond them. I cannot even indicate here what he wanted, it was that awful. So your own imagination will have to fill in the gaps, but I doubt a normal persons mind could even contemplate the things he wanted.

I would stake my life his fans, if he has any, since he’s fairly low level as celebs go, and coworkers, would have no idea the sorts of things he’s into. Though who knows, they themselves could be just as perverted. You really never know another person. You could know someone for decades and have no clue what they do behind closed doors or what they fantasize about. Trust me, you really don’t want to know. Someone that looks clean cut and normal, Ted Bundy would fit that description, doesn’t make you think twice, yet pure evil can be lurking beneath. Some girls will do all calls, no matter how dark and debased, others have some limits, so if what you want is extreme, you may have to hunt a bit for a willing phone sex girl, but you’ll likely find one.

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