The Hotline

Some people ask how ones get into phone sex, and there’s a lot of different reasons out there why women do. In college I volunteered for a crisis hotline and most calls were genuine calls for help, but sometimes I got the feeling some of the men calling were not in fact in any kind of a crisis, but that they wanted to hear a woman talk to them as they jerked off and not have to pay for phone sex. So some would make up lame stories about their girlfriends not being ready to have sex with them, or that they had been caught by their mom masturbating when they were younger, all kinds of things like this they would mention.

After a couple of years of hearing so many stories like this, I thought maybe it wasn’t that much of a stretch to be able to get the guys off on the phone, so I found phone sex sites to sign up to. Ironically there, on the phone sex sites, once in a while you’d get someone that wasn’t wanting to talk about sex, but that had a problem, so the training as the hotline volunteer came back.

There’s all kinds of reasons men call. Mostly to masturbate, yes. One last night was telling me how he used to spy on his parents as they had sex and how he felt guilty, but he was so turned on, he’d be beating off outside their door watching through the keyhole and he’d done it for years all the time he was growing up and they had no clue the little perv was right outside their door the entire time. The things guys reveal they wouldn’t have the nerve to tell another living soul, you wouldn’t believe. You hear all kinds of crazy things when you work on the phones. Crisis ones and sexual ones.

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