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Weekend Trip

I’m normally someone that doesn’t cheat when I’m in a relationship, but recently I had to go away to a weekend seminar for work and had the perfect opportunity arise to cheat on my boyfriend. The hotel the seminar was … Continue reading

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Cuckolding My Husband

It’s rare a client calls with a fantasy that is truly detailed and interesting, but the other day one had a cuckold fantasy about him being the stay at home husband since his wife made so much more than he … Continue reading

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I Slept With My Friend’s Man

My friend and I were invited to a party and she wasn’t feeling well and she was to have brought her boyfriend along, so when he showed up to pick us up and she wasn’t able to go, she told … Continue reading

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Variety Is A Very Good Thing

To most people monogamy is the ideal, not a perversion. In an ideal world, it is the way we’d like things to be, but in nature not that many species mate for life. It seems it’s the way society wants … Continue reading

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