He Fucked His Sister in Law, the Dwarf

A man called yesterday with a story I’d not yet heard before. He’d fucked his sister in law, that wasn’t the weird part, that is quite common, the unusual part of the story is, she’s a dwarf. As he put it, “a little person”, which I suppose is their preferred description of choice. There had been a birthday party and his wife had gotten drunk and passed out. He’d apparently always liked his sister in law, but this party helped thing get to the next level, so to speak. After wifey had passed out cold, the “little” sister in law jumped up on his lap and gave him a big, wet kiss.

They then went up to a bedroom and he fucked her. He said it was just like fucking a beautiful little doll, as he put it. She lives around an hour away, so seeing one another isn’t exactly like a trip around the corner, but he said he’d never had an experience like it, and he loved her little pussy. I’m sure he must have, no doubt she was tighter than the average woman would be due to her petite size alone. He was so turned on when he called and was sharing his secret experience with the sister in law.

He wondered if they would ever have a chance to be together again without his wife finding out about it. Only time will tell. He couldn’t believe what the experience was like. In all the years of calls, I do not recall anyone mentioning a dwarf before, who knows how many fantasize about them, there don’t seem to be too many around, so I guess access to them even if ones did want to try them sexually wouldn’t be so easy. We shall see if he gets together with the dwarf sister in law again, it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

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