I Fucked My Roommate’s Boyfriend

Recently my roommate had to go out of town unexpectedly for the weekend. I guess she really was in a hurry, since she hadn’t let her boyfriend know anything about it. I answered the door one night and there he was, expecting to go out with her. He seemed quite shocked when I said she’d left the night before for a few days. I asked if he’d like to come in and he said sure, so I poured us some drinks. I’d liked him the few times I’d met him, but hadn’t spent much time around him. It turns out we really hit it off and drinks soon became dinner.

I made us dinner and he was in no hurry to leave afterwards, and I was happy to have him stay as well. Conversation soon took a personal turn and he told me how attractive he thought I was, then he leaned in to kiss me and I didn’t stop him. I got up and led him to my bedroom and we were soon all over one another, kissing, licking, sucking and then fucking. It was hot. I knew she wouldn’t be home, so we could be as noisy as we wanted to be.

I loved sucking his cock, he was built and he was just as good at licking pussy as I was at sucking cock. He was throbbing in my mouth as I licked him. I then got on my back on the bed and he slid into my wet cunt. He jackhammered my pussy until I was soaking wet and coating his hard shaft. I loved it. I came all over his cock several times as we fucked throughout the night. I’m not sure if I will ever get to have fun with him again, but it was sure a night to remember.

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