International Flavor

When I was in my teens my family hosted a foreign exchange student for a year. It was a very fun time, since it wasn’t long after he got here that we started a relationship and fucked like bunnies every chance we got, right under my parents nose and they had no idea whatsoever. Having a secret like that can be a lot of fun, and they both worked and didn’t get home until nearly dinner time, so every single day after school, we have a couple of hours of privacy to play and they had no clue.

They knew we got along well and this young guy got along with my friends so he always tagged along when I was going out with friends, but we kept our relationship a secret from everyone, there was no point in telling anyone, since if word got back to my parent, we might not have had the privacy we did. One day after school he came into my room as I was changing clothes and I was naked and he said what a nice body I had, and things quickly evolved from there, I “accidentally” saw him coming out of the shower and said what a nice cock he had, and we soon were all over each other and had ample privacy to do anything we wanted.

Many times it was hard not fuck at night when my parents were sleeping down the hall, but that was too risky, after school was really the only safe time, so we had to restrain ourselves and wait for those times, but having his dick down my throat or in my pussy was one of my favorite things and I missed him dearly when the year was up. We would play on Skype now and then, but it’s not the same as in person for sure.

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