Master Collared Me

The man I’ve been seeing the last few months is a very reserved type in everyday life, but when it comes to all things sexual, he’s a very different sort of man. The first few times we sleep together I was impressed, he really pleased me, but did not let on he was particularly dominant. I think he wanted to feel me out so to speak. Then one night he asked me what I knew if anything, about BDSM, was I at all submissive. How would I feel about being collared? I asked if he meant like a dog. He smiled and said well, yes, a collar and leash, but not really like a dog.

I trusted him, and told him so, so I was open to trying things. He led me into the bedroom and had me sit on the edge of the bed and he took a new collar and leash out of the bedside table. He’d obviously bought them in anticipation of my saying yes. He asked if he could slip it on me and I agreed to let him do so. Then he told me to get on all fours on the ground and crawl around a bit. It was different and odd, yet I kind of liked it and I knew without a doubt I was getting wet at doing this.

He soon lifted me onto the bed and stripped me of my lingerie and soon discovered I was wet and he said he had the feeling I’d like this and he proceeded to run his hands over my panties and feel my dampness and soon slipped his hand inside and rubbed my pussy until I came all over his hand. I had a feeling this was just the start of a very interesting part of our relationship and I was looking forward to exploring it.

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