No Orgasms For You!

Men in chastity devices call fairly frequently, which is always amusing considering they cannot masturbate when they call, you know, their cocks being locked up and all. It’s a tease to call someone to get you aroused when in fact you cannot in fact do anything to alleviate that arousal. Many will say their wives or girlfriends or mistresses made them call to get worked up, but of course they are not allowed to masturbate.

It’s fun to mock and tease them and get them worked up knowing they won’t be able to cum, and in fact in some devices getting hard will actually become downright painful if those spike things are inside the cock cage and will dig into them if they become erect. One caller says his mistress has him on forty five day cycles. He’s locked up for forty five days, allowed out for one, then back in, so he’d better cum as much as possible in that window of time between the cycles, or else he will get no pleasure to tide him over until the next release date.

Why some men want to deprive themselves I cannot grasp, life is short, you’d think you’d want to have as many orgasms as possible, but there are a lot of men out there into the whole chastity device fetish and being denied orgasms for literally months on end. Using mistresses and key holding services, all kinds of nonsense to deprive themselves with. It’s no skin off anyone’s nose but their own. Some will say they are literally dripping with precum when you get them aroused and they are so frustrated, but they crave and enjoy that very frustration, that’s why they keep themselves locked up like they do. There’s all kinds of fetishes out there that turn some off and get others going like there’s no tomorrow, there’s a whole world of them for you to explore.

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