Quarantine Sex

One thing about being in quarantine is you get bored easily with nowhere to go everyday. The only good thing I think will possibly come out of this is more couples becoming closer. They may have been too wrapped up in their careers and not taken the time for one another, and this has forced them to do so. I know it’s that way with me and my boyfriend. No more working twelve hour days, not until this is over in any case. It’s been literally years since I’ve had this much sex, and I love it. They always say the more you have the more you want, and I can say that’s true for me in any case.

When you have nothing but time on your hands, of course you tend to think horny thoughts and if you have a willing partner around, of course you will be having sex a lot more if time is not a consideration. I love being kissed and touched and squeezed and made to feel loved. I just wish we hadn’t let so much time go by without really devoting ourselves to our relationship. I’ve been wakening him up by sucking his cock, which of course he loves, and then he fucks me silly before we both go shower together.

He splays me open wide and slides that juicy cock into me and pumps away, no rush, just pure pleasure. You can really connect with your partner in a very wonderful way when time pressures are totally removed. Make love as long and as often as you like. Indulge one another in massages and foot rubs and all kinds of pleasures you might not have the time for when you’re working like a demon all the time. I am very sexually satisfied since this all began. I know life needs to get back to normal, but in some ways, this has been like an oasis of pleasure.

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