Sexy Water Time

My boyfriend loves the water, he’s a swimmer and the water has always been a great love of his. I love it as well, but he’s really turned me on to making love in the shower, showering together, doing all kinds of things in the water. Whether at home or in a lake, a pool, there’s always fun to be had when I’m with him. Last night he had that glint in his eye that let me know he was feeling horny. He gets that look a lot. So he pulled me up from the sofa where I was reading and I followed him into the bathroom.

He turned the shower on and we started to disrobe one another and get into the hot, steamy water. We kissed and touched one another and began to move the slippery soap all over one another and he was soon throbbing in my hand, and I was soon feeling very horny as he touched my now swollen clit with his fingers, teasing me as the water played over our bodies. I caressed his cock and stroked him hard. He soon blew a load and it was down the drain. He stays hard between orgasms usually, so was ready to go again right away.

He bent me over and began to fuck me from behind. I felt him sliding in and out of me as the hot water coursed over our wet bodies. His cum filled balls slapping against me with each powerful thrust. My soap covered titties swinging wildly as I got pounded by him. I soon came and gushed down my own leg, the water soon rinsing it off of me. We got clean again and then got out of the shower, dried off and went to bed. It’s always fun to shower with my water loving boy.

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