The Horizontal Tango

I felt like I was in a rut, so I decided to sign up for some dancing lessons. Tango ones in particular. Watching Dancing With the Stars inspired me, I guess. So I signed up and went to a lesson and really liked one of the men there. He wasn’t the teacher, but the teacher’s assistant that was helping. He was nearly as good as the teacher and some day would become one. I hit it off with him right away and was certainly motivated to do well. After the second lesson he asked me for coffee and we went.

It soon turned into a late night dinner and the next week he invited me back to his place after class and things got a little spicy! We started by dancing a bit and holding one another very close and soon things went to the bedroom and the movements became horizontal ones and he was just as good at being a lover as he was being a dancer. The way he handled my body and brought me exquisite pleasure was incredible. The way he licked my pussy and just devoured me was sublime. He licked my clit and tasted my flowing wetness like it was sweet nectar.

I came on his face from all his oral attentions, and then he slid up and put his hard cock in my waiting, dripping pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and he began to thrust and we moved as one in unison. It was so hot, and we were so in sync with one another. He anticipated my every move I was going to make and he matched me. It was a beautiful lovemaking experience I can only hope will be repeated many times again. Fucking and dancing with him is sheer heaven.

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