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Giving and Getting

Some men will love to get a blow job, but they will not pleasure their partner in the same way. We call these men selfish pigs. For men that enjoy giving pleasure as they receive it at the same time, … Continue reading

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On Call Sex Slave

My boss knew I was hurting for money recently when he offered me something I didn’t expect. He told me he’d double my salary overnight, but there was a catch. I would have to be his on demand sex slave. … Continue reading

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Blowing The Plumber

My friend was telling me her shower had a plumbing issue last week, but she didn’t have any money to get it fixed. She’d used a plumber before she liked, but she wasn’t sure if he’d go for fun in … Continue reading

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Trying New Things

This friend of mine is bisexual and she and I had dinner together recently and had a very good conversation about sexuality. She said she thought most people given the right opportunity and circumstance would try it at least once. … Continue reading

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His First BBC

One thing many people do not know about phone sex operators is they often get to hear confessions about all kinds of sexual acts the callers have done they simply have never shared with another person. Especially their wife or … Continue reading

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