The Drug Delivery

When I was in college one of the things I did for extra money was deliver packages. One of the places I delivered for was a pharmacy. Many of the customers were old and sweet, but not all of them were old or infirm. One of the men I delivered to was a nice looking middle aged man. I brought him his pills, I hadn’t read the label stapled to the bag, so I didn’t know what drug they were. When I came to his door, it was my last delivery of the day and I mentioned that when I handed him the bag and he asked me to step inside for a moment. I didn’t think a thing of it and I came in.

He then confessed the drug I’d delivered him was for erectile dysfunction. He’d never needed to take one of the “little blue pills” before and he was unsure if it would work for him, but he was at the end of his rope trying and disappointing his girlfriend. He asked me if there was any way I’d stay with him while he took one and see what happened. I was a bit shocked, but agreed to stay. He took one and we chatted a while and soon the conversation turned sexual and could see he was sporting an erection in his pants. He asked if I minded if he masturbated while we spoke. I again was a bit shocked, but agreed to.

He removed his cock from his pants and he actually had a nice sized cock. After a few moments he asked if I’d rub it for him. I sat down beside him and began to stroke him. He was as hard as a rock and he said he hadn’t been hard like this in years. I soon used my mouth on him and then he asked if I’d let him fuck me and I agreed. He bent me over and pounded me there right over the armrest of his sofa, and he made me cum hard. He did cum in me but stayed hard afterwards. He then asked if I’d stay until it went down and I did. It was an odd event for sure, but I’m kind of glad I helped him out. I’m really glad the pills worked for him.

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