Morning Sex is a Wonderful Way To Start Your Day!

Sex at all times of day is great, but some people absolutely have preferences for what time of day is their favorite and why. Many men prefer morning sex, because many men awaken with a hard on and having sex or masturbating is the best way to get rid of that and it’s a wonderful way to start your day as well. My boyfriend usually wakes up hard and many times I will give him a hand job before he heads off to the shower to get him a great start to his day. When you wake up and see a tent has been made out of the sheets, you want to just reach down there and start stroking yourself, don’t you, you naughty boy.

I reached over while he was still asleep and began to fondle him and he slowly moaned in response to the pleasure I was giving him. He said he loves waking up with my hand wrapped around his cock. I’m usually rewarded by him rolling over on top of me and sliding that hard cock into my very often wet cunt. Wrapping my legs around him as he fucks me. Sleepy sex is often fantastic, you’re still kind of in a dream like sleep, yet the pleasure is right there.

Keeping my eyes closed as he fucks me and nuzzles my neck, my feet under his ass cheeks pumping him as deep into me as he can go. Feeling his hard shaft rub against my stiff clit with each and every thrust of him into me. It’s a wonderful, and energizing start I find and an orgasm before you shower is good, you can wash all the sticky, naughty evidence down the drain and get on with your day, all clean, but with a dirty mind, that thinks about your debauched beginning to it. Morning sex is a very good thing indeed.

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