The Third Date

I’d gone on a few dates with this man and really liked him. I knew the third date would be the one when we fucked. I cooked us a nice dinner at my place and I knew we would be having fun in my king sized bed all night. I’d even gotten some new, sexy lingerie for the occasion. I was pleased by the size of his cock when I saw it. I’d come out of the bedroom in my sexy lingerie and he was waiting for me on the sofa. I extended my hand towards him and led him back to the bedroom and sat him down on the edge of the bed.

I knelt before him and took out his already throbbing cock and kissed the head of it and licked it, driving him wild. I looked him right in the eye as I sucked it right down my throat. I sucked his balls and pumped his cock until he raised me up and laid me back down on the bed and spread me open. He then went down on my shaved, wet pussy, licking my clit until I was quivering and begged him to make me cum. He latched onto my clit and sucked it until I came in his mouth.

I was still breathing heavily from my first orgasm when he entered me. He slid that cock into my slippery cunt and he just started fucking me slow and easy, making sure his cock grazed against my clit with every thrust. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him as deep into me as I could get him. He sped up the pace of his thrusts and I was soon cumming yet again, all over his cock. Then I felt him burst inside of me, flooding me with his hot jets of cum. They splashed into me and I could feel every squirt. It had been the best sex I’d had in years. I think this one might be a keeper.

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