The Neighbor Saw

I have a bad habit of thinking no one is ever watching me or paying attention to what I do. I really need to learn the outside is not the same as in. People can and do see what you do when not behind closed doors. The other week I was outside enjoying the warmer weather and it was so warm and lovely, a beautiful breeze blowing. I was suddenly overtaken by an unexpected wave or horniness. For some reason I did not bother to go inside and masturbate there as I should have. I just looked around, didn’t see anyone, and decided my own backyard was a fine place to start stroking my pussy. It was quiet, there was no movement around, no one mowing their lawn or anything, so why not.

Well I guess I should have looked up as well as around, since a neighbor was watching me from his bedroom window as I played with myself. I was dipping my fingertips into my wet pussy, dragging the juices up over my stiff little clit, rubbing it in slow, rhythmic little circles and bucking my hips up to meet my hand. I had my thighs spread open wide and was enjoying the feeling of the sun on my pussy as well as the breeze. Those are not sensations one gets to feel while masturbating in their bedroom.

I was enjoying it thoroughly and then came. I wasn’t overly loud, but knew I was moaning. I went inside shortly afterwards and didn’t think a thing of it until a few days later when my neighbor said he’d enjoyed watching me in the yard a few days ago, he smiled and then walked back into his house. I was speechless and shocked. I really should have known better than just to do that outside, but it was fun, and he liked it as well apparently.

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