We Had Casual Sex

I did something quite inappropriate last week, and I can’t stop thinking about it. My son was all excited to have me meet his baseball coach since they got along so well and his game had really improved since the new coach came to his school. I was going to meet him at the meet the teacher night where I met my son’s teacher, the principal and the coach. The coach was the last one I was supposed to meet. I was also his last appointment of the night, so we were both leaving after this casual meet and greet.

He asked me for a drink at the end and I knew he was attracted to me and me to him. He was fit, good looking and I really wanted to touch him. There was undeniable chemistry between us and we both felt it, so I said. “forget the drink, let’s go back to your place and fuck.” He burst out laughing and said he loved my directness. Back to his place we went and fucked like animals for hours. It was very gratifying. He had a nice cock and a great tongue and he knew just what to do with both of them.

I was barely in his house for a minute before I had his cock in my mouth and blew him right there in the entryway. He carried me to his bed and tore my clothes off and got me on all fours, spanked my ass and playfully called me a slut before he fucked the living daylights out of me. I haven’t cum that much in ages. I squeezed my cunt muscles around his dick so hard as I milked him into me, he was going wild. So was I. He loved how dirty and direct I was, and I loved his aggression, he’s a great fuck. Not sure if we will tangle again, but it was fun.

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