Your Feet Are Very Fuckable

I’ve been seeing this new man and he really has a thing for my feet, for many women’s feet actually. He told me he’s had a foot fetish for many years, and I’ve never dated a man with a foot fetish before and he loves to lavish attention on my feet and buy me pretty shoes that show off my feet as well. He also loves to rub my feet for hours. My feet have honestly never been as well cared for as since I started to date him. He massages my feet every night after we have dinner and rubs cream into them, they are as soft as a baby’s bottom.

He loves to give me pedicures and paint my toenails and apply pretty little decals to the big toe, he’s even bought me a few toe rings and ankle bracelets. He loves for me to not only give him foot jobs, but have me walk barefoot on his back as well. I felt silly doing it the first time he asked, but he really wanted me to. I was afraid I’d hurt him putting all my weight on him, but he swears he not only loves it, but that it helps his back.

I gave my first foot job a few months ago to him, and he loves me squishing his cock and balls in between my toes and teasing the tip of his cock with my big toe, smoothing all his pre cum around and around, driving him crazy. I love when he shoots his gooey cum all over the tops of my feet, then I go was them off and he rubs in some more cream and kisses the tops of them.

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