BBC For You

Does fantasizing about big, black cock make your little white cock throb? Do you dream of watching your wife or girlfriend pounded by a juicy nigger dick? And then maybe taking it down your own throat and being made to worship at the alter of big, black cock yourself. So many callers are obsessed with big, black cock, it’s unreal. It’s a real turn on for many men, and they talk about watching BBC porn as they masturbate and questioning if I myself have ever had one, (NO). They cannot get over the though of a cock the size of their forearm fucking their woman and sending her into some sort of orgasmic frenzy she’s never experienced before.

Lots of callers are obsessed with their own lack of size, small penis humiliation is a very popular topic for callers to want to talk about, so the idea of some black guy with a cock three to four times the size of theirs can become something they really fixate on, even talking about taking their wife or girlfriend to the Caribbean to fuck black guys on some sort of fucking vacation. They look at pics of them, want to send the pics to their phone sex girls to become equally enthralled with them, (we aren’t), and otherwise share the obsession.

Some have taken the ultimate step and gone to a glory hole in the hopes of getting some random black cock thrust at them from the other side of the wall they can suck and worship. Others have responded to online classifieds sites of guys seeking other men to suck their cocks, there’s really no end to what some of these men will do. To think in the pre Civil War days, all they had to do was wander on down to the slave cabins and they’d have their pick of BBC to choose from, (if they owned slaves that is). They’d have had their own BBC harem at their disposal.

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