Getting Picked Up

I normally do not frequent bars or have one night stands, but there’s always an exception to every rule. I was feeling lonely and horny last week, not the best combination to be sure, and decided to check out a new hot spot not far from where I lived. Apparently a lot of people were having the same idea, since it was packed. I soon locked eyes with a good looking man that seemed to be alone rather than surrounded by buddies and we struck up a conversation. I liked him and was attracted to him and we soon decided to make a beeline back to my place, since I lived closer to the bar than he did.

I poured us some more drinks and we were soon kissing and caressing one another. I loved how much attention he paid to my breasts, as they are so sensitive. I gave him a hand job and was impressed with the size of his cock. He said he wanted to kiss me like no other man every has before, and I smiled and told him to go for it. He then proceeded to lick my pussy better than any man ever has. This man was an expert!

I soon begged for him to slide his cock inside of me and he rewarded me for my begging. I got filled with a lovely nearly eight inch dick that pounded me over and over until I simply was on the verge of passing out from so many orgasms. I was sure glad I’d decided to go investigate that new bar tonight, I’d never have discovered this Romeo had I stayed at home binge watching some show on t.v.. He certainly pleased me and I seemed to leave him suitably drained as well. Not sure we will ever run into one another again, but it was well worth the trip there.

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