Good Morning Kiss

Some guys love to gown down on a woman, others will not do it at all, there’s a wide variation. Luckily my boyfriend is one of the ones that loves going down on me. He makes me cum more powerfully from licking my pussy than any other way he makes me cum. His tongue is like magic and he drives me wild with it. He’s a giver and is many times perfectly happy just giving me pleasure without even expecting anything in return. I’m a bit selfish, so I have to say I am not unhappy with that!

My shaved pussy loves attention lavished upon her, sucking the little inner lips, flicking the clit back and forth. It makes me creamy wet to feel his tongue dart in and out of me, scooping that sweet nectar onto his tongue. I have to admit, I do enjoy it when he comes up for a deep French kiss after he’s gone down on me and I can taste myself on his lips and tongue. I enjoy that a lot, and of course him making me feel so good, makes me want to please him as well.

He surprised me when I came out of the shower this morning, he was on his knees waiting for me to sit on his face and please me orally. What a way to start the day! It’s a bit hard to keep my balance when he eats me out standing up like that though, since the orgasm that overtakes me makes me a bit lightheaded in the standing position, but he grabs my ass and hips to make sure I don’t go anywhere. I just feel his insistent tongue working my cunt and I feel that orgasm welling up inside of me and I just groan with ecstasy as I cum on his face. What a wonderful way to be energized for the day.

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