My Boyfriend’s Dad

Lots of women have cheated on their boyfriend’s, but I took things one step further than that even. The man I cheated on him with is his own father. It would be a very hurtful situation if it ever got out, and I hope it doesn’t, but it was such good sex, I don’t know how I’ll be able to stop from it happening again. My boyfriend’s dad was staying with us for a few days as renos were being done on his house, and one night when my boyfriend was out for a few hours, things got a bit intense with his dad.

I thought he was out for a few hours and I’d just gotten out of the shower and thought I was home alone so I was walking around naked, but he was there and saw me and came over and complimented me and gave me a playful swat on the rear and one thing quickly led to the next and soon we were on the sofa making out and he fucked me. My boyfriend was gone for a few hours and we had the opportunity and took it. I shouldn’t have been so easily convinced to play, but he was really flirty and I was horny, so it happened.

He had a nice, big dick, just like his son’s, and he really knew how to use it. He fucked me wonderfully and then he went down on me and made me cum even more. He liked to lick his own cum out of my pussy and I certainly didn’t stop him. My clit was just throbbing as he paid it so much attention, I was soon quivering with yet another orgasm. My boyfriend wondered why I was so exhausted when he arrived home, but I couldn’t very well tell him his dad and I had been fucking for hours, could I? Let’s hope he never finds out.

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