His First BBC

One thing many people do not know about phone sex operators is they often get to hear confessions about all kinds of sexual acts the callers have done they simply have never shared with another person. Especially their wife or girlfriend if they even have one. You think they are going to go home to their wife and tell them all about the big, black cock they sucked the night before on their way home when they stopped off at the glory hole? No, they sure won’t. She’d be the last person they’d be telling about it, since most know they’d be kicked out the door.

One caller this morning was telling me how he’d been curious about cock, BBC in particular, and yet he’d never done it. Never even had the opportunity to do it, so he thought he’d try his hand at one of those hook up dating apps and see what he could get. A young black mans profile caught his eye and he messaged him and it seemed a casual conversation. I’d love to have read the actual messages to see what he wrote. He said the black guy asked him over the next night to “hang out.”

I don’t think he’d have invited him over had he not known where this would lead. He obviously understood the white guys intentions, since it wasn’t long after his new friends arrival to “hang out” that he had a nine inch dick down his throat. He said he’d never thought he could do it, but he loved it and stroked his cock as he sucked on the black dude and he said he can’t wait to do it again. He’s masturbated several times since he did it thinking of it fondly already. He said he just had to call and tell someone about it, lucky me. I listened in to the whole thing. How he could barely get his mouth around it, it was so huge, and how he swallowed every drop of his huge load.

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