He Opened The Pool, I Opened My Legs

The hot weather is here and my pool is once again open for the season! I love to swim, and since I have a high privacy fence, I always swim nude. I don’t want to be bothered with the pool maintenance stuff myself, I pay a company to deal with all of that stuff. This season a new young man came by and he got it all going for me and I found him very attractive when he came by, he was new, I’d not seen him before. I had made some iced tea and took some out to him, as it was a hot day. He seemed grateful and sat down on one of the lounge chairs to take a short break.

I asked if he minded if I stayed out there while he worked and he said no. I removed my robe and was wearing a red bikini and laid back in one of the lounge chairs and began to smooth suntan lotion all over myself. I saw him glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. I smiled when I noticed the bulge begin to grow in his pants. I knew he was getting aroused at the thought of me being there, so close, in a bathing suit.

I asked him if he’d put some lotion on my back. He came over and I asked him to remove the bikini top so I wouldn’t get tan lines. That did it, he got the picture. He took it off and began to smooth oil all over my breasts, making my nipples hard. He was soon out of his clothes and I was smoothing the oil on his cock, using it as lube. He was as hard as a rock and I soon took him in my mouth and then soon after in my pussy. He had a lovely cock and I liked the way he fucked. We had a good time with the afternoon delight.

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