On Call Sex Slave

My boss knew I was hurting for money recently when he offered me something I didn’t expect. He told me he’d double my salary overnight, but there was a catch. I would have to be his on demand sex slave. He could call me up at three in the morning and I’d have to come to him. I would be summoned while at work into his office and drop to my knees. There would be no warning, and there would be a lot of ball draining. Was I interested and up to the task? I really wasn’t in a position to say no. I thought of all the bills I had, how much money I owed, and I couldn’t pass it up, not until I was all caught up in any case.

I was told to stay late after work that first night. I liked my boss, and he was a nice looking man, recently divorced and not wanting the restrictions of a relationship. Sex on demand would suit his needs and I would reap the financial benefits. I was quite shocked when I saw the size of his cock, it was larger than I’d expected. I was told to get on my knees and suck it. I did my best, and it was not a bad chore with such a nice sized cock. I slurped away on it and honestly felt myself getting wet as I did, but didn’t let him in on that fact.

I massaged his balls and swirled my tongue around the head of his girthy shaft. I could tell from his breathing he liked the way I gave head. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really pushed it down, gagging me with his cock and he moaned loudly as he came, in several large squirts down my throat. I licked him clean then went and cleaned myself up. I had a feeling this might work out just fine for us both.

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