Polish My Knob

There have been a few times when callers said they weren’t crazy about blow jobs, but most as you can imagine are pretty hot for them and can never get enough. The “surprise blow job” seems to be a favorite of many men, the just because, like sending flowers to a woman, they are so touched to get such a treat when they weren’t expecting it. They many times love them so much, they honestly don’t even care who’s doing the sucking, even if it’s another guy, they just want a warm mouth around their cock, and a tongue to slither over it.

Some callers are even flexible enough to suck their own cocks, though very few. They have tried their best though to get their cock in their mouth. If a guy could suck his own dick, it would surely be hard to get them to do little else. Not many can, but there’s videos online and pics of some that can. They love to feel a woman take it as deep as she can down her throat, though if they have a little dick, there’s not a lot to suck. Guys that love to taste their own cum often want to kiss a woman when he’s blown his load in her mouth, a “snowball kiss”, it really turns some on.

So would you like a call with one of our gals talking about giving you a big, wet, sloppy blow job? We have lots of experience talking about all the naughty things we could do to your cock. Lapping at the head, sucking on your cum filled balls, taking as much of that shaft down our throats as we can, just waiting for our mouths to be filled with all that warm, gooey cum. You know you want it.

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