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They Used The Fleshlight Together

A caller was telling me he was masturbating with a Fleshlight, nothing too weird there. I’ve had countless callers tell me the same thing, however he was sharing it with his brother. I didn’t really know what to say. I … Continue reading

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Double Penetration with Just Your Partner

Have you been curious to get your lady to try double penetration, yet she’s a bit hesitant to get another guy involved in your sex life just yet? Well double penetration doesn’t always have to involve a threesome, it can … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Pay

I overspend at Christmas, many of us do, but I was already behind on my rent by a few months as it was. My landlord asked what exactly was stopping him from tossing me out of the street, since I’d … Continue reading

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Your New Girlfriend

One regular caller is obsessed with his pocket pussy masturbation toy. He tells me how he can’t get girls, what a loser he is and how he masturbates several times a day with his sex toy, his pocket pussy. He … Continue reading

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The Marvelous Toy

I’ve never much been one for sex toys, I find they give the equivalent to a woman of a ruined orgasm in a man. Many women love them, and literally cannot achieve an orgasm without a sex toy, but I … Continue reading

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