The Marvelous Toy

I’ve never much been one for sex toys, I find they give the equivalent to a woman of a ruined orgasm in a man. Many women love them, and literally cannot achieve an orgasm without a sex toy, but I really couldn’t care less about them. Until a few weeks ago when my boyfriend brought one home he’d read about online and he wanted to see if I’d like it any better than a traditional vibe. I can cum from a vibe, I just have always found it’s a much poorer orgasm than by fingers.

This was not your ordinary sex toy, it was designed to suck your clit. We laid in bed one night and he had me lay back with my legs open and just let him try this thing on me and within minutes I exploded like I never have before. A few minutes later I was ready to go again. This time he wanted to be fucking me doggy style using the toy on my clit at the same time, it was sheer heaven. I don’t know how I managed without this toy before, but I don’t ever want to be without one again.

The sucking, the pressure, it’s incredible, and he said my contractions while I was using it were even more intense on his cock than they normally are, so he was a fan of the sex toy as well. I think he’s a bit worried I might turn to the toy more than him because of the intensity, but no one and no item can replace him, but it’s a wonderful addition to our bedroom repertoire, and I look forward to many more orgasms with it and him!

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