Trying New Things

This friend of mine is bisexual and she and I had dinner together recently and had a very good conversation about sexuality. She said she thought most people given the right opportunity and circumstance would try it at least once. I said I was not so sure. So she asked me if I’d be willing to try it with the right person and see what I’d been missing. I am a person that likes to think of themselves to new experiences, so I said I’d consider it if the opportunity presented itself. She smiled at me and said it just did.

I immediately got her drift and thought why not, let’s try it. So we split a bottle of wine to relax a bit and then headed to the bedroom. I undressed and got on the bed, as did she. I was a bit nervous, but she promised it would be a very sensual experience. I laid back and relaxed and let her go to work on me. I felt her kissing my inner thighs and then all around my pussy, teasing me by not getting to close. I could feel myself growing wet in anticipation and could feel my pussy lips opening with their own wetness.

I felt the tip of her tongue lightly graze my clit and then I arched my back in response. She really went for it and tasted me deeply, I felt shivers up and down my spine as she really began to lick me faster and faster. I could feel an explosive orgasm almost there, which she sensed by my breathing and she flickered her tongue all over my stiff clit until I screamed and gripped the sheets with intense pleasures. It was an extraordinarily hot experience, and I’m glad I gave in to my curiosity. I have a feeling I might be asking her over again very soon.

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