He Fucked the Weather Girl’s Shoes

I had a memorable call the other day. Now callers into foot fetish or lingerie or shoes are pretty common, but this involves a celebrity as well. This man asked me if I knew of this particular weather girl on one of the popular morning shows, I said no. So then he proceeds to tell me how she had donated some shoes to a charity auction a while back and he’d bought the shoes. I found that a bit odd, then he told me he had his dick inserted through the open toes of them and was masturbating with them, which he apparently did regularly with these shoes.

He’s had them I don’t know how long, and he uses them for this purpose quite a lot. He then said he also cums in them, and then tips the open toed shoe part up to his mouth and drinks his own cum out of them. Charming. So I wonder how many other celebs have donated clothes or shoes or something to auctions only to have it bought by someone that intends to use the item this way? I have a feeling it’s likely more common than we’d think. He said he’d done this with other women’s shoes over the years he had access to, but to have a pair that belonged to this celebrity he liked really made it special for him. If only she knew.

Think of the money they could raise if they put up their bras, panties and pantyhose and socks up! Those would be big sellers. Of course they couldn’t do that and be seen as respectable, but they would sell well, not a doubt. Have you fucked anyone’s shoes you’d like to talk about? Maybe as a horny teen you’d take a pair of mommy’s heels and abuse them in your room. Tell us all about it, big boy.

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