Cuckolding My Husband

It’s rare a client calls with a fantasy that is truly detailed and interesting, but the other day one had a cuckold fantasy about him being the stay at home husband since his wife made so much more than he did, and he cooked and cleaned and of course she met someone so much more interesting than him and wanted to fuck him, and of course she did and he was the dominant one, unlike the submissive cuckold at home. She would go out on her dates and ask her cuckolded hubby to come and pick her up when the night was over, he’d also have to wash her cum covered panties when she got home.

That turned him on and he’d sniff and lick the panties that were damp from the cum of another man. If he asked anything, he’d be told it was none of his business. I was laughing at all the humiliating scenarios he’d so carefully thought through. How he’d have to answer the door when this other man came to take his wife on a date and he’d greet him and basically hand over his wife to him.

This call was nearly an hour and a half of him describing this well thought out fantasy of everything from the wife’s lover spanking her, to she and the lover fucking while the cuckold husband was waiting in the car outside to drive her home, it was very well thought out. It’s amazing the detail some callers will go into, but he’d been playing this fantasy over for many years apparently, so he’d had lots of time to think it al over and work out every detail.

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