Earning Extra

When I was in college, funds were really tight, my folks did not have a lot of money, so I had to work my way through school myself. I had a heavy course load and was too tired to flip burgers or work retail for little money on my feet. I decided on my back would be easier and more profitable. Thus began my delving into the world of escorting. I found an agency online and emailed them, they wanted pics and info and they liked what they saw and I was set up with a page on their site within a few days.

I was a bit nervous going on my first appointment, but the man was actually very nice and normal and didn’t want anything odd. I think maybe they send you milder clients at first so as not to overwhelm you. He actually looked a lot like a friend of my father, so I was glad he seemed a bit familiar, and he actually tried really hard to get me to cum, which didn’t quite happen, but he was a nice guy and I was happy to see him again if he wanted to.

The next few men were a bit different than him, and one of them did actually make me cum, his cock was a bit on the large side and he really knew just how to position me and get me to really get into it, and I kept rocking and rocking back and forth on his cock and soon I did indeed cream on him and he was very happy I actually came. Phone sex callers often like to hear about my past exploits as an escort, and I have many naughty tales I can tell them about things I did. I think you’d like hearing some of my stories as well.

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